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General Information

Clyde Eisenbeis began researching the Ricker name in 1979 when his Grandfather, Theo Ricker, gave to him a small piece of paper that listed eight generations of ancestors. This piece of paper had been sent to his Grandfather by his Great-Grandfather many years ago. It was incredible information that could easily have been lost. This led to research that produced a listing of ancestors and families that moved from Germany to Russia and then later to the US.

Over decades, information has continued to grow, much of the information coming from Ulrich Ricker, a son of Reinhold Ricker who was a brother to Theo. Others have made contributions to the genealogy lineage (listing of contributors).

When Clyde was visiting his folks and grandparents during Christmas in 1979, Clyde turned on a tape recorder and listened to his Grandfather talk about his early childhood. His Grandfather was uneasy about the tape recorder, but soon forgot about it. The story he told was new information that his children had never heard ... a story of his Grandfather's Father being interned when Germany and Russia started a war, coded messages, joining him in an intern camp, and release after the Bolshevik Revolution. The locations were found in an atlas, and the dates matched history.

More than 25 years later, Ulrich Ricker read the story and substantiated it. Everything, with a few minor exceptions, matched what his Father told him.

Take the time to read the Theo Ricker Story. History is more interesting when your relatives were there.


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